Reported by Sports Analyst Clyde Jureidini

The return leg of the Lynk Cup knockout quarterfinal at the Anthony Spaulding Sports Complex had both teams entering the game tied 1-1 on aggregate. Chapelton Maroons FC hoped to turn their luck against Harbour View around after losing to them 0-1 and 0-2 respectively in their previous premier league match ups. The Maroons were banking on making the most of the renewed knockout competition after confirming their inevitable exit from the Jamaica Premier League last weekend with a 0-4 loss to Clarendon neighbours Humble Lion FC. Their Assistant Coach, Nigel Stewart, took control from the bench of this Lynk Cup game in the absence of the Brazilian Technical Team led by Clovis De Oliviera.

Lynk Cup Quarterfinal 2: Harbour View FC vs Chapelton Maroons FC

By playing strategic zonal tactics, Chapelton Maroons FC tried to outnumber Harbour View in a deep-lying midfield set up. The game started with the Stars of the East on the attack, firing shot after wayward shot, but none could seem to find the target. Like they did in last week’s Lynk Cup encounter, it was the Clarendonians who scored first, handing Harbour View the challenge of finding an equalizer. The ball was sent down the inner right channel as their counterattack pierced the Harbour View defensive line with industry and accurate passing; a path was opened up between Ajeanie Talbott and Odorland Harding. Earon Elliott was strong and decisive, bouncing off the light challenge of the retreating Harding on top of the penalty area to place his left-footed shot out of the reach of stranded goalkeeper Anthony Bennett to find the net and lead 1-0 in minute 33.

A positive response was summoned and seemed to come soon after with telling shots from J’Havier Lynch and Shawn Daley inside the area; both unfortunately flew wide and high of the mark. Timar Lewis miscued a shot on his favoured left foot, sending the ball nowhere near the goal. Jashaun ‘Rooney’ Anglin’s and Cristojaye Daley’s efforts were closer to the target on both sides, though neither really asked for a save from goalkeeper Campbell. It was Harbour View’s Lynk Cup Ambassador, Oshane Staple’s, 23-yard pile driver on goal that brought the best response from the Chapelton goalkeeper. A Chapelton defender blasted his clearance against Anglin’s charging tackle, and the rebound demanded another save from the custodian. Halftime came with Chapelton Maroons FC leading by 1-0.


Harbour View FC had a repair job to do in the 2nd stanza if they were to advance in the knockout. Attacker Phillon Lawrence was asked to replace Timar Lewis at the start of the 2nd half and he looked like he was in a ‘mood to be mean’ to the opponents. He heralded himself early with goalward shots from both sides of the park.  The Maroons sat deeper in their defensive posture which allowed the exploits of Harding on the left and a marauding Staple on the right to come forward, whipping in crosses and squares.

Chapelton countered on 3 occasions but faulty decision making caused their attacks to fizzle outside the penalty area. Harbour View FC kept stringing passing sequences together to build possession and pressure to finally penetrate in minute 67. 1 of Staple’s more precise squares caused mayhem inside the penalty area at the far post as goalkeeper Campbell got only the palm of his glove onto the ball. The loose ball was squeezed back 5 yards by Lynch into the path of Captain Romaine Brackenridge who gleefully steered it into the goal through scrambling defenders to register his 2nd goal this season in the Lynk Cup. This time he will be richly rewarded, with a $5,000 bonus incentive courtesy of the new sponsors Lynk Jamaica. It is standard for all goal scorers from the quarterfinal onward in this competition; his is well deserved.

The winning spirit seemed to be reignited by the captain and the equalizer. He and his troops roared more urgently into attack with intent on getting the lead for the 1st time in the 2-legged contest.

Twice Bitten

Shots rained down on the Maroons who were now pushed back into a full defensive stance, Harbour View was on the hunt. A 2nd goal came 8 minutes after the 1st, following Lawrence’s shot being blocked by the mass of Maroons in front of goal. It bobbled back to him and was headed in the path of another game substitute, Rojay Smith, on the 18-yard line. He pivoted left to right to kick 1 time on a turn that eluded goalkeeper Campbell who tried his best to get back in his goal. His extended right glove brushed the ball onto the near post and deflected it inside the net for a 2-1 lead. Smith was ecstatic as his teammates converged to hug and celebrate their joy mixed with relief of finally being on the front foot.

Harbour View FC managed to stave off the challenge of the Chapelton Maroons for the remainder of the game to effectively conclude their first season of both Lynk Cup and Premier League action. Harbour View FC advanced to the 2-leg semifinals and is set to play against Portmore United.

Lynk Cup Quarterfinal 2 Highlights