HVFC Replica Jerseys


2022-3 season kits of the defending Premier League Champions! 5 stars of the logo and jerseys represent the 5 national wins over the club’s history.

The home kit proudly dons the signature gold and blue colours. The away kit commemorates the early days of the club and its 1st Major League gears which were red and white.

HVFC Replica Jerseys Physical Purchases

Replica jerseys are available for direct purchase at our office. It is recommended to call the office before visiting to check size and kit availability.

Available at the HVFC Office:

  • HVFC Replica Jersey – Home Kit only: J$6500
  • HVFC Discounted Jersey (without VM Group logo)Home Kit only: J$5000
  • Name or Number Customization: + J$1000
  • Name and Number Customization: + J$1500

HVFC Replica Jerseys Online Purchases

* N.B. All online orders are processed and managed by Admiral Sports.

HVFC Replica Jersey – Home Kit

HVFC Replica Jersey – Away Kit