Throughout the season, Brian Brown has made a name for himself by consistently scoring goals helping to carry his team to top. Players from opposing teams such as Newton Sterling of Arnett Gardens, Francois Swaby of Sporting Central, and Devon Hodges of Rivoli United, constantly gave him a battle for the top of the goal scoring table,  interchanging the #1 spot multiple times.

It wasn’t until the preliminary season’s final match day that Brian got the edge he needed to secure the golden boot. Going into their final preliminary matches, Brown and Hodges were tied at the top with 16 goals each, and in what seemed to be a twist of fate, both players scored their 17th goal in the 45th minute of their respective games.You could see Brown’s anxiety at some points of the game when he hurried to attack the goal, but he settled and sealed the deal with his second goal approximately 3 minutes shy of the end of the game, nudging him to the very top of the table with a difference of one goal.

Rivoli United was not amongst the semi-final stage, so Hodges had no chance at surpassing, and Newton Sterling of semi-finalist Arnett Gardens was Brown’s closest rival for the top with 8 goals behind. Harbour View and Arnett Gardens were eliminated at the semi-final stage, with neither Brown nor Sterling coming away with additional goals.

At the Premier League Club Association awards ceremony, not only did Brian cop the award for leading league goal scorer, but was also recognized as the top scorer for round 1 and joint top scorer for round 3 with Rivoli United’s Hodges. This marked the first time in 10 years that a Harbour View player has won the Golden Boot award, last one being Fabian Taylor in 2004 with 19 goals.

We commend Brian on his achievements and rewards reaped for his consistent hard work. Maintain your discipline and diligence, your future is bright. Congratulations!