Reported by Sports Analyst Clyde Jureidini

A live television globally-broadcasted game turned out to have another unprofessional display by the visiting team, Molynes United, who turned up yet again for a Jamaica Premier League fixture in a kit clashing with the host Harbour View FC. Before the game, loud and continuous howls from supporters in the stands were heard regarding the obvious clash of colours on the field. The referees delayed the start of the TV game and had more talks with the Molynes United staff. The visiting team tried on their alternate yellow jerseys, which still clashed, then started the game. The confusion of colours lasted for 15 minutes before they eventually called a stop to the madness to finally demand that Molynes United change their jerseys once again. Fortunately they got assistance from Cavalier FC who loaned them a black and white top with the sponsors logos to alleviate the situation some 29 minutes later. This resulted in an embarrassing delay of valuable air-time.

Jamaica Premier League Round 2: Harbour View FC vs Molynes United

Sadly, it was not the first time Molynes United showed up in clashing colours. In a mid-season encounter on April 4, 2022 they changed from their official royal blue and white colours claiming that the players now prefer to play in full yellow, not their registered full blue kit. This happened despite having discussions with the Harbour View FC management team and the Professional Football Jamaica Ltd administrators in the week leading up to the game and agreeing in writing to what both teams would wear. However on match day, they turned up with clashing colours, many stories, and refusal to change. Harbour View FC won that game 4-1 at Sabina Park. In response to the 1st incident Harbour View FC resorted to their original white and red away kit colours reminiscent of 1974-78 when we first entered the KSAFA Major League. The game officials and authorities failed to act then, and it unfortunately happened a 2nd time.

Referee Christopher Mason and his assistants had seemingly long lost the confidence and trust of the players, staff as well as the patrons inside the stadium for the remainder of what seemed like a very long evening. That disaster resolved but the first half was marred more by the disorganization of the event more than any meaningful football highlights. A few sharp right-sided attacks by both clubs punctuated the game as Molynes United came closest to scoring first. Harbour View FC displayed loose passing, miskicking shots, and a general lack of cohesion. Harbour View’s Oshane Staple had 2 good runs, to cross out of reach of Demar Rose, and another beating the far post. Demar Rose glided between 4 players to set up Colorado Murray who hit the back of the net but was ruled offside. The first half ended goalless. 

Harbour View Down to 10 Men

The break restored some level of football sanity to the proceedings and both teams seemed to be more settled. Substitute Timar ‘Bugsy’ Lewis added a spark of energy and enthusiasm to the contest with lively runs down the left flank in concert with Odorland ‘Look Up’ Harding. One cross was headed over the crossbar as Murray dived low to scoop it goalward. 1 of Harbour View’s right-sided corners were taken while a fracas ensued inside the penalty area. Shouts were heard and arms raised before Assistant Referee Joshua Jackson aided in making the decision for Demar Rose to be ejected while Molynes United defender was cautioned. Harbour View FC was reduced to 10 men after minute 55. 

Molynes United built attacks around Nicholas and Jermy Nelson, Jason Wright and Jevaughn Brown, as goalkeeper/captain Peter Harrison closed the path to goal. Harrison was beaten again when Harbour View’s Rojay Smith, Casseam Priestley, Jahshaun Anglin and Timar Lewis combined to supply Cristojaye Daley with a diagonal pass high on his torso to control and blast home thinking he had scored. Referee Mason quickly signaled handball to deny that attempt. Still 0-0.

Nicholas Nelson was cut down on the left flank to award a freekick to Molynes United in minute 72. The floater was headed on at the near post as Jermy Nelson converted from 4 yards to celebrate his goal. Molynes United lead 1-0 while Harbour View FC urgently try to get back into the game.

Even the Score

Substitutes Rojay Smith and Timar Lewis doubled their efforts in harmony with Casseam Priestley and Jahshaun Anglin. Anglin released a thunderous shot from distance that whistled pass the left post from 25 yards. The moment finally came for Harbour View in the 90th minute as 6 passes accumulated from right to left. Lewis whipped in another telling square unto the forehead of the leaping Colorado Murray to head down and out of reach of goalkeeper Harrison to equalize and record his 5th goal of the season. Harbour View FC and Molynes United tied 1-1. Harbour View in particular showed a fighting display and champion mettle, despite the earlier flusters and dropping 2 valuable points, to remain 4th on 40 points. Timar Lewis was named as The Man Of The Match’ by TV Broadcasters Sportsmax.

Harbour View FC vs Molynes Round 2 Highlights