National defender Xavian Virgo’s decision to trade in the red of Boys’ Town for the blue and yellow of Harbour View has not gone down well with his family. Ironically, his rationale is that he actually did it for them – his family.

“It was a very tough decision to make to leave Boys’ Town, but my family comes first in terms of the decision I have made,” Virgo, who spent 13 years as part of the Red Brigade, disclosed.

“Even though my family wasn’t with it, I still have to move on because at the end of the day, I am doing it for them. They (family) are diehard Boys’ Town fans.”

The 27-year-old has aspirations of securing an overseas contract and thinks Harbour View, which has a rich history of landing players abroad, provides the best opportunity to do so.

Calculated career move

“The reason for the change is that I want to go forward with my career and I think Harbour View is the right club for me going forward,” Virgo reasoned. “At Boys’ Town, it was a very steep hill in terms of where I am going to go with my career, so with Harbour View being one of the better clubs, I decided to join them.

“Harbour View is a more structured club and the Harbour View family is a very business-like family. At Boys’ Town, we didn’t have much of a structure down there, so I think that coming here and working hard, hopefully, I can grab an opportunity to go overseas and play.”

The father of three – ages eight, six and one – further pointed out that he is working to secure a future for his children.

Virgo was one of four high-profile players to exit Boys’ Town during the January transfer window, with O’Neil ‘Bigga’ Thompson leaving for Arnett Gardens, Anthony Bennett for Humble Lion, and Rafiek Thomas for Tivoli Gardens. Virgo made his debut for the league leaders, Harbour View, on Sunday and was instrumental in his team’s second goal in their 2-1 win over Montego Bay United.

Virgo was among one of four players singled out for special awards for their performance by the Stars of the East’s coaching staff.


Virgo was a member of the national senior squad leading up to the opening game against Mexico in the final round of World Cup Qualifiers, but found himself overlooked despite the absence of any natural right backs in the squad. Utility defender Jermaine Taylor fitted in the slot, as Jamaica held Mexico to a historic 1-1 draw inside the Azteca Stadium on February 6.

“I did feel a way (about being left out of the squad) when I knew I could be out there doing my best for my country,” shared Virgo, who has one international goal to his credit to date. “But I am in the pool of players, so I just have to wait until it’s my turn again.”