Yesterday’s 4pm afternoon session was extremely intense as the Coaches turned up the heat; the boys responded positively. Some boys rented bicycles as most walked to and from training sessions for about 20 minutes each way to the 8 styled multi-field Complex. A chilly wind blew relentlessly for the duration, adding to the degree of difficulties.

This now included the new Goalkeeper Coach, Jose, who has a specialist program with Elijah and Tafari, before they joined the major group scrimmage. We all wished Technical Director, Siamac, a happy birthday in the team room, topped off with cake, snacks, drinks and presents, the group sang him the song as a nightly meeting closed the day.

Breakfast led to a short trip into the city of Barcelona, some 1hr 15 minutes away for team supplies, shopping and souvenirs. Lighter training day evolves with 9:30am gym work then a second technical oriented session at the complex. Dinner and a few interviews with administration meeting, winds down the day.