A totally new Lank FC staff contingent of 10 persons from Sweden, Canada, Spain, China and Jamaica are now getting fully oriented to working together to complete agreements and organizational fluency. An outstanding group of 17 players under the age of 19 years developing their craft in a genuine effort to become professional footballers in Europe .

Temperature Differences

Weather at 3 – 6┬░Celsius daily, dipping more in the evenings, is celebrated by some staff members as compared to the -15┬░ in Canada and Sweden for example. Here is definitely not like our warmer 27 – 31┬░ in Jamaica. All staff members wish to visit Jamaica soon for a camp and coaching exploration, hopefully later this year.

Departing from the norm is today’s theme, as the Administrators met deep into the night again in planning and saying goodbye to another staff member after his week’s work. This left HVFC General Manager, Clyde Jureidini, and the Technical Team in Barcelona to conduct the morning training session as the new fusion in philosophy was being cemented.

Sightseeing in Barcelona

The technical team went east, walking for 20 minutes each way to the football complex. Jureidini went south for 30 minutes each way to explore new horizons. Here are some of his scenes from the road!