Harbour View failed to hold on to its early form after defeating Seba in stark contrast to Hazard who lost at home to Premier League debutants Bull Bay, then being further penalised by defender Claude Davis who was fined

$3,000 and suspended for three games. It did not stop there. Two managers were fined in addition to the club being further subjected to the new ruling of losing by a 3-0 scoreline. Well coach Lenworth Hyde turned adversity into motivation and his team sprung back to life with a disciplined team performance based on counter-attacking surges through midfield. The first blow struck in minute 39 by Trevino Porter bursting down the centre amidst two defenders to strike past goalkeeper Leroy Grey to lead 1-0 at halftime.

The game was primarily a midfield tussle with Jermaine Hue, Daniel Shaw supported by Baris Johnson battling the speed, skill and coordination of Omar Daley, Loxely Thomas and “axeman” Kevin Williams. But the difference came in the top end when last season’s leading goalscorer Reon Nelson latched onto a loose ball in the area to tap into a empty net , 2-0 at 51 minutes. Fabian Taylor responded with a header past Sawyers in goal only to be ruled offside soon after; this was the order of the day despite many raids by the homesters.

The Under 21 game between both teams played the day before ended in a 2-2 scoreline.

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