Hydel High/ HVFC’s Stephen Barnett scored in the second minute for the All-Manning team, who again won their clash with a select All-daCosta Cup team yesterday at the St Elizabeth Technical Sports Complex Continue Reading →

hvfc42Today, March 4th we put aside annually to salute our elders who had the love, foresight and were bold enough to lead a new eastern Kingston community into a era that has taking on a life all of its own and made many families and a nation the better for it.

We herald the likes of, Ronald ‘Piggy’ Chung, Terrence Slater, Vin Blaine, Carvel Stewart, Sydney Masters, Ewan ‘Shanny’ Hayles, Derrick ‘Coach’ Golding, Roxy Williams, Michael Pennycoke, Glen ‘Smile Orange’ Morrison, Russell Bell, Neville Glanville, Mr Gilthrist, Mr Beswick, Brissett, John Bullock, Michael ‘Chico’ Jureidini, Neville ‘Half-a’man’ Jolly, ‘Ram Jam’, ‘Blackie’, Neville ‘Mally’ Malcolm, ‘Plastic’, Colour Red Coach, ‘Dicko’ Dixon, Policeman Gibbs, Kid Khully ‘To Bloodcla..’ the drunken master, Gene ‘Skattalite’ Wallace,’Lovey’, ‘Jean’, ‘Little’, Man Gene, ‘Bowling’, ‘Buxton’, ‘Saks’, Norwyn ‘The Delegate’, ”Jah Booker’, Soldjie’, Sandria, Carmen Stewart,David ‘Duffus’ Campbell, Cornel ‘Biggs’ Delisser, et al….apologies to all pioneers not mentioned here.

The early days of playing football on every street just built with barber-green (asphalt) or not covered at all, dust bowls, open spaces from the small triangular Aqua Park, Drive-Inn theatre grounds, Rocky Park, Harbour View school, between the Lignum Vitae trees at the seaside Park all day Saturdays and on Sundays before and after swimming, finally to Compound where we moved heaven and earth through wreckage and waste to create a stoney field in between bramble.

Playing football for breakfast, lunch and dinner for everyday of the week on Christmas Day and New Years eve, did not matter once a ball was available, scrimmage was played. JOS Bus route or Shopping Centre, bad dogs or miserable policemen wanting to sleep after long hours of duties, even mothers would cut-up balls or report children to parents for beatings or lectures…ball a run, same way.

Football culture had taken route from the mid 1960’s and many a High School coaches, could not understand why Harbour View players must play for their community more than school, whether you threaten or drop us. HVFC we seh, always.

The story of the late great Paul ‘Pablo’ Robinson playing the first half for KC at Kingston College against the first winning D& G Minor League HVFC Under 16 team of 1972, scoring a hatrick to lead 3-1 at halftime, then changing to score another hatrick for HVFC to win 4-3, says it all. Then KC Coach, Trevor ‘Jumpy’ Harris could not fathom it, until he came to HVFC a few years later to play and win the KSAFA Major League in 1976-77.

Featured photo: Our first senior team (1970s)

Jorginho James spoke his fate into being, as he told his family members at the beginning of the Premier League season Continue Reading →

Relegation-stationed Rivoli United FC and top-four seekers Harbour View FC drew 1-1 in a Red Stripe Premier League (RSPL) third-round Monday night game at the Harbour View Mini-stadium. Continue Reading →

The Antigua and Barbuda Premier Division is the top football league in Antigua and Barbuda and consists of 10 teams and 18 games. For the last two seasons, a handful of HVFC alumni have been playing in the league. Continue Reading →

With the single master stroke of the game, Cavalier SC, through striker Cleon Pryce scored the lone goal that frustrated Harbour View FC’s upward mobility in the Red Stripe Premier League (RSPL) with a 1-0 defeat in Monday night’s game at the Harbour View mini-stadium. Continue Reading →

Jorginho James has assembled an impressive season so far with 7 goals and was selected as Continue Reading →

Toronto FC II announced Wednesday that the club has signed midfielder Martin Davis to a USL contract. As per club and league policy, Continue Reading →

Tivoli Gardens FC’s resurgence continued under the technical leadership of Glendon ‘Admiral’ Bailey when they edged Harbour View FC 2-1 in the Red Stripe Premier League (RSPL) football match at Edward Seaga Sports Complex yesterday. Continue Reading →

Coach Ludlow Bernard said Harbour View must start earning wins against the big clubs in the Red Stripe Premier League (RSPL) in order to challenge, for the title this season. Continue Reading →

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