Martin Davis returns from successful Toronto FC Academy trial

17 year old Martin Davis has been embedded in the HVFC family making strides ever since the tender age of 12. He did spend some quality time in the Valencia, Spain at the invitation of the top Spanish and European football club Valencia CF after being awarded a summer scholarship following his performance at the Next Generation Valencia CF Easter Football Camp held in Jamaica in 2010. He has been playing in both local Junior and Premier Leagues at HVFC as well as Manning Cup at St. George’s College, all while juggling his high school studies.

He departed the island on July 4th for his first trial. The Canadian Academy was pleased with his performance over the month-long trial stint and offered him inclusion to the youth development programme for a further stay once all the details and elements are approved. He will be signed up to the academy beginning in January 2015 until his 18th birthday in October. He will play against other academies, allowing him to be further recognized and has the potential to graduate to the Major League Soccer (MLS) after a year.

Congratulations to Martin and his parents in his continued process!