JFRA Donates $74,600 To Barrington “cobra” Gaynor Fund As Hvfc Celebrates Their 37th Anniversary!

The loud round of applause and acknowledgement rang out in the stadium as The Jamaica Football Referees Association, President Mr Bryan Rhoden, Vice-President, Lloyd Harrison and Chairman of KSAFA Referees Group, Donovan Muir, presented a Cheque of $74,600 to HVFC Coach, Andrew “Bowa” Hines, on behalf of his friend and teammate, Barrington “Cobra” Gaynor in the halftime of the HVFC Under 21 game against Arnett Gardens FC at the Harbour View Stadium while celebrating it’s 37th Anniversary.

The JFRA made it’s own contribution in addition to every individual Referees across the island, to the former HVFC /National Player, Captain and Coach.

The fund has now surpassed $476,000 with others invited to add throughout the month, up of March 31st, to NCB Bank Account # 204 095 744.