The newly-organised HVFC Technical Team has been named. The team is led by Technical Director, Ludlow Bernard alongside Head Coach, Fabian “Kojie” Taylor, Assistant Coach, Damion “Stewpeas” Stewart, and Physical Trainer, Jason “Buju” Henry.

They are complemented by the management unit of Team Manager, Oneil “Bigga” Smith, assisted by Shawnette Pike and Janeen Hague.

Assembled over the 2 weeks in mid-December 2018, they have been working together to reconstruct the squad to avoid relegation, develop a consistent level of creditable performances, and move as far as possible up the Red Stripe Premier League (RSPL) table by the end of Round 3, with some 15 games to go.

Currently we are holding the 9th position on 19 points after 18 games.

Technical Director, Ludlow Bernard:

Elevated from Junior Technical Director to Senior Technical Director, Ludlow Bernard fills the position previously held by Vin Blaine who now oversees the Technical Programme in the island of Grenada.

As the most experienced campaigner in the team, he coordinates the planning, execution and organization of the clubs technical direction, primarily in the RSPL. His success since the late 1970s is decorated with multiple achievements of championship youth teams, developing the most players to be national representatives, them gaining international club contracts globally while becoming world renown stars, in their own rights is unmatched by any other local coach. In the last few years he has broadened his network to win schoolboy titles at Wolmer’s Boys and Kingston College (KC) with Manning Cup, Walker Cups and a FLOW all-island trophy to match.

Head Coach, Fabian “Kojie” Taylor:

In his third year as Assistant Coach, Fabian has been thrust into the role upon the departure of former Head Coach, Ricardo “Bibi” Gardner. He has taken on the responsibility to guide the ship away from difficult waters, into a safe path, find smooth sailing and land it at the best dock in the premiership race. A striker by definition, he will have to score regularly, leading more often than not, charting a course to win consistently in order to achieve his main goal of  progressing the clubs position in the RSPL 2019 considerably. His early steps are encouraging; hit those shots Kojie.

Assistant Coach, Damion “Stewpeas” Stewart:

Always the rugid defender, he takes no prisoners on board. He has hit the ground running with a no-nonsense attitude to win now, do not hesitate, whomever is pushing forward hardest is a part of the squad.

Limited Coaching experience but extremely well exposed to 12 years of  international best club practices based in England and Malaysia. This is on the strong background of being Reggae Boyz Captain with some 54 caps and part of the HVFC Premier League and CFU Club Championship teams, he grew up in the winning tradition of the club from the youth stages.

Defensive organization his strong point but also known for scoring a few important goals, when duty calls…the time is nigh Stewpeas, rise and shine.

Physical Trainer, Jason “Buju” Henry:

The 27 year old trainer is tasked with whipping the squad into the higher physical and mentally alert conditioning, his high tempo program is geared towards durability, at pace and improved intensity to win battles, individually and collectively as a team.

Recently assigned to the historic Reggae Girlz FIFA World Cup-bound squad and the Reggae Girlz Under 17 and 20 units, he continues to exhibit promise. This in addition to partnering with Mr. Bernard at Kingston College to revive the tradition of winning back the Manning Cup after 32 years.

Let the hot hand assist us to burn our way up the RSPL charts! All the best to the new team.

Stay tuned to our website, newsletter, and social pages for announcements of the new squad in the January transfer window!