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Ending game day 2 in third position on 6 points after 3 games, the aim was to win the first game this morning against the league leaders, AIK of Sweden, to make it to the finals.

That looked good for the first half of 25 minutes being 0-0, but we lost it in the second half of play, as unfortunate bounces of the ball went in the opposite direction. The ball deflected into our goal off their player’s leg, and an unfortunate clearance attempt off the goal line ruled another, 0-2.

We remained third in the standings before the penultimate game scheduled 2 hours later, against FK Tallino Kavel from Estonia who resided in fourth place in the tables behind us.

Our 11:45am fixture had all the makings of a thriller with a horror of the now heavily gushing wind from the mountains moving everything in the opening spaces. Chairs, desks, tables, umbrellas, ball bags and people scrambled for cover from the prevailing gusts for the next 2 hours.

It is within this windy environment that the game was signaled to start, advantage to Tallino, who won the toss and used the direction where the wind is blowing to score. A high ball was swept over our goalkeeper’s head, to score in minute 20. 0-1 at halftime.

The ill wind increased in intensity; sand from the 2 beach football courts blasted everyone in the low lying landscape, with 15 football fields in wide open spaces. However, Lank FC used the wind storm to push forward with possession and gained an advantage soon as Canadian Allan Monyard put his shot into the breeze. The natural power of the wind swept it over the head of the poor goalkeeper, who had very little chance to save it. 1-1.

A better build up from Lank FC resulted in another attack but Molik’s shot was blocked and bounced kindly for Canadian Luca Carbone to score and win the game 2-1. Lank FC advanced to the third and fourth place Play-Offs game scheduled for 4:45pm.

We lost the third place Play-Off game 0-1 to Estonia club FK Tallino Kavel. The Barcelona Golden Cup U16 Tournament was eventually won by PAOK of Greece, defeating AIK of Sweden by 3-0.