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5 HVFC players: Tarick Ximines, Kareem McLean, Deigo McKenzie, Justin Dunn and Anthony Bennett, chaperoned by General Manager Clyde Jureidini, checked in at the Donald Sangster International Airport in Montego Bay for an evening TUI flight to Brussels, Belgium.

They landed in Barcelona,Spain on Wednesday, October 30th. The youths dove into training at the Salou Complex to observe and meet the other 15 players, coaches and managers including former HVFC Defender, Junior Groves.

Left to right:
Adrian Rochdale (Tournament Manager), Jonatan Berg (Physical Conditioning Coordinator),
Tiago Pinheiro (Technical Director), Hubert Junior Groves (Trainer + Goalkeepers Coach), and Roger Linh Mai (Team Manager).

A 10-minute walk back to the main residence, and change into Lank FC gears was followed by 30-minute stretching orientation with physical conditioning coordinator, Jonathan, in the gym.

Dinner closed the day after room registration and a general meeting with everyone.