The BRAGA ACADEMY conversed with Head Coach Arturo outlining what happened on the tour, lessons learnt, new experiences and much more. We await final decisions from SC BRAGA ACADEMY of Portugal as their technical team are still in talks with our Lank Academy personnel.

Selected Jamaicans to train in Barcelona

Lank Academy selected 4 youths in Garth Stewart, Horace Ramsay, Tyreek Magee, and Jabari Howell to join their 18-man training camp in Barcelona, Spain from January to March 2019. The others: Noel Walker, Oquassa Chong, Shadane Lopez, Rennardo Robinson, Charles Tate, and Tyrese Williams are on standby and must train professionally at HVFC. They will be monitored to show continued improvement, that General Manager Clyde Jureidini will assess weekly after receiving reports from the players, our RSPL Coaches, and their respective schools and parents.