For our final game, we battled for third place after 4 days of encounters against other quality teams. Continue Reading →

After moving to our new residence at Prospect Youth Centre the previous day, we started the morning with a relaxing session at Continue Reading →

This morning, Manager Clyde Jureidini went to a radio interview with Liaison Officer, Thompson Hew, and Continue Reading →

Players slept in later than usual this morning as last night’s game took its toll, the required rest and relaxation was needed to recover. Continue Reading →

The morning started with the 18-man squad sleeping in a little later than usual to accumulate rest; Breakfast was presented Continue Reading →

Awoken by the multiple cellular phone alarms to an array of varied chimes and tunes, those not yet turned off or reset from Saturday morning’s departure schedule between 4:30- 5:00am. Totally confusing our “farm alarm” posse Continue Reading →

7:30am breakfast was served as the group of 18 players and 4 officials awoke to the earlier countryside sounds of the passing chickens roaming the property. Continue Reading →

After arriving in Cayman at 10am as the first visiting team, we were met by the tournament organisers Continue Reading →

June belongs to the HVFC under-14 team traveling to the Cayman Airways Invitational Youth Cup from June 18-26, 2016! Continue Reading →

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