The Harbour View FC Captain and Reggae Boyz midfielder, Edwards just signed on Friday, August 17th with Mikkelin Palloilijat (MP) Division 2 in Finland, and started in the game on Sunday.

Richard “Shortman” Edwards scores on debut in Finland, as his new team defeated FC Kiffen by 4-0, with Richard scoring the third goal.

The MP strikers’ shot was blocked and deflected outside the area, Richard’s first-time drive lodged inside the far post out of the reach of the stranded goalkeeper, much to the delight of the debutant!

Richard Edwards departed the island on Sunday, July 29 for a four weeks trial at Premier League Club Assyrianska, Sweden after scouts had been tracking his local Premier League season with “The Stars of the East” and the senior National Team. He was not signed, then traveled across the border to finalise his new deal.

His hard-nosed tackling, leadership and supreme work rate gained him the respect of his teammates and opponents, in the Reggae Boyz Teams in the last two years before earning 11 national senior caps, in May 2012 he went to Alpha United on Loan in Guyana, where we played the CFU Club Championship while winning the local Premier League before returning home three weeks ago.

This season he represented HVFC with up to 37 starts, 1 substitution scoring 1 goal, all in 3012 minutes of playing time, to help HVFC secure 6th position. He forged a reputable midfield quartet with other national players Jermaine Hue, Joel Senior, Romario Campbell or John-Ross Edwards.

His Coaches and Teammates voted him “Player of the Round 1” where he was awarded the Lucozade Most Outstanding Player cash prize of $10,000 and 5 cases of Lucozade Sports.

Trans World Sport visited Jamaica to do a feature on Premier League Champions, Harbour View Football Club.

Carl Adejobi, Assistant Producer and cameraman Andrew Mott, from a TV Sports show called Trans World Sport visited Jamaica to do a feature on four sports including Netball, Boxing, Basketball and Football, specifically at the four time Premier League Champions, Harbour View Football Club.

Trans World Sport (TWS ) is a weekly hour long TV Magazine Show which is produced in London, UK and has been running continuously for 26 years. The show goes out to more than 51 territories around the world. They cover the entire range of sports from the mainstream to the most obscure. They have also filmed with many prominent athletes over the years like Usian Bolt, Serena and Venus Williams, Tiger Woods when they all were teenagers.

Wednesday, August 21:

Practice Match at HVFC Stadium at 3:30pm against Premier League Club Rivoli United (1-1), which included a surprise visit from new Reggae Boyz Head Coach, Winfried Schafer along with our local Assistant Coach, Vin Blaine.
Thursday, August 22:
(Training from 3:30-5:30pm at our stadium)

Interviews with HVFC’s Martin Davis,16 year old player who was in Valencia area Academy, Spain since 2010
Interview with Montrose Phinn, HVFC Captain
Interview with HVFC Coach, Harold Thomas
HVFC team mates eating dinner and socializing
The one hour expose is scheduled to be aired in October 2013.
Reggae Boyz Coaches, Schafer and Blaine keenly watching. Reggae Boyz Coaches, Schafer and Blaine keenly watching.

As the new Premier League season is set to restart two weeks from today on Sunday, September 1, 2013 the team under Coach, Harold Thomas continues to prepare with games.

The HVFC Squad went to our second practice match today in St. Elizabeth and defeated the Appleton Estate team by 4-1.

The HVFC Squad meeting with Dr. Jason Scott-Hamilton, Clinical Sports Psychologist now attached to the West Indies Cricket Team, was held at the HVFC Players Lounge, as it was last year in pre-season with very lively talks.

Players, Coaches and Managers paid keen attention throughout Dr. Hamilton’s 90 minutes presentation, absorbing new methods of how to mentally prepare for the intense challenges ahead as defending 2013 triple champions.

Setting goals, exchanging questions, making suggestions while probing new topics of interest.

Coach, Harold Thomas outlined his priority of proper team building, strengthening and practise games within the next 3 weeks
as the season is scheduled to start on Sunday, September 1, 2013.